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One Inkling of Hope
the screams in the night,
they force the heart to turn to stone,
clenched fists, bitter words.
all the love felt, flown away
upon the wings of hatred.
no amount of tears,
no pleading,
no cries for help,
nothing can release
the darkness in her heart.
a moment of despair.
the stomach retches.
to not have love,
to only have hatred -
to not live.
some day perhaps
things will change.
a free spirit,
a smile,
to feel love once more.
until then,
angry words,
daggered looks,
and the hope
of seeing him again...
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 1
Music is Me by MaiSala Music is Me :iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 0
this must be love
hold my hand
be near me
I cannot do this alone
time tries to slip through our fingers
yours tighten around mine, time stops
never loosen that grip, no matter what
the whispers around us
they do not understand
"why is she with her?"
you smile
the world dissolves
time is stopped
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 0
MMM09 - Yeats
From dream to dream and rhyme to rhyme I have ranged
As though my sorrow were a scene upon a painted wall
Of the hovering thing night brought me.
Where for its moment, both seem lost, consumed,
Wandering from street to street,
Written in gold upon a purple stain.
I have spread my dreams under your feet,
But I were left to lie alone,
And dreamed that the old despair
Where no candles are,
They had brought no fabulous symbol there.
But let a gentle silence wrought with gentle music flow
And cram those open eyes with day.
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 2 9
Enclosed spaces;
Each breath, a war
I'm not winning
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 2 8
Idiotic Behaviour
clinking keys
hard footfalls
concrete stairs
buttons pressed
cash flows
bored eyes
neon signs
bright lights
blinking, winking
cash consuming
wasteful endeavours
idiotic behaviour...
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 4
Timid Little Rabbit
Melodies in the distance.
Twittering birds, wafting breezes,
The soft drone of a plane high above.
A rabbit gingerly hops out -
The bush stirs.
No eagles today.
The grass swishes underfoot.
The babies play.
Long-eared balls of fun.
Sitting up, they scatter.
Don't go!
Hands, reaching, beckoning.
Timid, cautious.
Smiles, giggles.
Then the ears disappear.
Playtime is over.
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 3
-wip- Ice Wings
A frozen heart lay within its tomb. The stone-cold body that once knew love and life, now void of feeling, of pain and laughter, sorrow and hope, stood upon the precipice.
The kind hand, outreached, beckoned to him. He could not glance in her direction, turned away to look beyond the horizon. She must not know, he thought, as his silver wings unfurled. Perhaps it is for the best. Her watery eyes looked up towards his steely face. He knew she had feelings for him, yet when she tried to embrace him, he pushed her aside. He knew it would hurt her. He could not help it. She was upset that he did not even wait to say farewell. After all they had been through.
He flexed his flight muscles in one fluid movement, making them ripple like water. Her protests stopped as she stood admiring him.
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 1
DFC - Day 6: Dodoitsu
Music softens hardened hearts;
emotions run swiftly through
the soul, uplifted by joy
and deepest sorrow.
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 3 13
DFC - Day 5: Diamonte
                angry, mean
     splitting, stinging, scarring,
pain, frustration, affection, warmth
soothing, comforting, encouraging
            gentle, thoughtful
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 3 6
DFC - Day 4: Clerihew
Stephen Leek
A bit of a freak
He writes songs for Aussies
Does he write in his cossies?
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 2 9
Mature content
DFC - Day 3: Cinq-Cinquain :iconmaisala:MaiSala 6 9
DFC - Day 2: Ballad
The Case of the Stolen Feet
The night was dark, I stood alone,
The wind whistled up the street,
There came a voice upon the air
"Please sir, I have no feet."
"The young one there, he stole them,"
he started to point and shout,
"He stole them, I wasn't looking,
And he keeps waving them about!"
"I'll fetch your feet," said I to him,
"And put them back on for free,
For I hate to see a man so down
And out, because he cannot flee."
His feet I fetched, that boy I beat,
And took them back to him.
"Can't thank ye enough," said he
"Now I can kick him in the shin!"
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 2 5
It's got Zatch by MaiSala
Mature content
It's got Zatch :iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 3
DFC - Day 1: Abcedarian
alone, barring candles dwelling,
each flame getting heated.
immature joking kisses leaves
many nameless older people
quickly rummaging sacks,
though under vicissitudes,
wandering Xander yells "zoom!"
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 1 24
As I stand on the edge of the crevasse, I glance to my left. There standing next to me is my best friend Sam. She has been there throughout my entire life, and although I knew what I was about to do, for the very first (and last) time, I could not tell her.
I'd always enjoyed jumping from things, even as a small child. I remember waking up one day when I was about six years old and standing up on my dresser, only to jump off and feel that exhilaration that comes from the wind in your hair, the feeling of weightlessness. It may not have lasted that long from the dresser to the floor, but it was still a lot of fun.
Standing there though I got a feeling of deja vu, as if I'd already been there before, in the same spot, doing the same thing - peering down into the darkness. The wind was warm on the surface, but the chilly breezes started wafting up from below, bringing with it the scent of guano and leaf litter.
How could anything grow in such a steep place? The grasses and trees were wave
:iconmaisala:MaiSala 2 6




Writing on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 instead of my laptop for a change.

So, what happened to 2014? Last thing I remember is being in Taiwan and Japan in April, then somehow it was October, and I turned 32. Now, it's February 2015!

Trying to think if I have any exciting news. I was asked to audition for a local vocal group, only 4 or 5 voices. That's probably the most exciting bit of news I have.

Maybe we could sing something that a dA person has written? Who knows. (with their permission of course)

Now that I have the mobile app on my Tablet, I'll be able to stay in contact ith the dA community a lot more.

And who knows, I may start writing again, after so many years of saying that I will.

For now though, reality calls.

Stay safe, my fellow deviants.


MaiSala's Profile Picture
:bulletred: I love all things MUSIC!

:bulletred: Most of the time you'll find me with my nose in a book, or libretto of some description.

:bulletred: My friends mean the world to me, and I seriously wouldn't be here today without their love and support.

:bulletred: If you'd like to add me to Skype, sent me a note, and ask nicely :)

:bulletpurple: Fave quote right now:
"The world revives, colours renew,
But I know blue, only blue, lonely blue
Without you..."


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